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Barberton - New Haven

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New Haven Community Site: www.newhavencommunity.com

For information about Barberton check out: www.barbertonoh.com



These lots are planned at 40' in width and 100' in depth to be developed for a single family dwelling with a minimum side yard setback of 6 feet.  A variance may be granted on the setbacks pursuant to a detail plan submitted to the City's Planning Commission.  The lots permit an  ancillary building in the rear for a garage with the size not to exceed 500 square feet.  The building setbacks measured from the lot lines shall be 12 ft. req. from the front, 6ft. req. from the exterior side and 30ft. min. from the rear.  Porches, stoops and balconies may encroach into the setbacks. Building may be a maximum of two and one-half stories tall. A single story structure of a max. width of 12 ft. may connect the house to the garage.  Parking shall be served by alleys and provided at the back of the lot. 

Lot Size 40 ft. x 100 ft.
at building Front 12 ft. max
at Building Exterior Lot Side 6 ft. max
at Building Interior Lot Side 6 ft min.
at Building Rear 30 ft. min.
at Outbuilding Rear 3 ft. min
Building Frontage at Setback 60% of lot width
at Building Front 10 ft max.
at Building Exterior Lot Side 4 ft. max.
at Building Interior Lot Side 4 ft. max.
Height 2.5 stories max.
of First Floor above grade 3.0 ft. max.
Parking 2 spaces per building

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